Advent Musings-2019

Advent is not on my ‘have to do’ list

It’s on the top of my ‘want to do’ list

The four weeks of Advent are my favourite weeks of the year.

I’m ‘iffy’ about Christmas.

Thoughts of New Year’s resolutions depress me. But that’s a story for another day.

Advent is my guilty pleasure

It’s the month when I overdose on Christmas books. 

My Kindle library has thirty-one titles. Some are serious and some are Christmas romances. There are more than a few cozy mysteries included.

Spoiler alert — it always works out in the end. The guy gets the girl. The murderer is caught. Christmas baking turns out perfectly.


Everyone Gets Home For Christmas

Last year the title of one book intrigued me. So much in fact, that I actually bought it. That was a big deal. I sure didn’t need another book on my shelves. 

The title drew me in.

Loving My Actual Christmas : An Experiment In Relishing The Season

by Alexandra Kuykendal

I’m giving myself that permission this year.

I’m giving myself permission to write my Advent posts my way. As you can see I’m already four days behind.

They won’t have an orderly, predictable theme.

Like feathers after a pillow fight they might be flying in 1000 or at least 25 different directions.

Join Me for the next four weeks as I ramble my way to Christmas.

My prayer is that the message of Christmas will become real for you this year. 

Immanuel Is Here


Virtually yours


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