Ephesians A to Z


Welcome to my series Ephesians A to Z  series. In 2015 I joined 1500 other writers to write for 28 Days to write using the letters of the alphabet. I used all the  letters of the alphabet  to explore the amazing, life giving, transformational truths found in the book of Ephesians.

Sadly, those posts were lost in a computer crash. I feel so strongly that we need the message of Ephesians more in 2019 then even more.

Join me for this exciting and transformational journey.

Why Ephesians?

Ephesians is a book written to a people just like us. They were a people living in a modern city; with dozens of ethnic groups & social classes. There was a mix of ‘god’s’  &  often a clash  of cultures.

Most had lost any deep attachment to or real relationship with their god. They kept only an enthusiasm for elaborate festivals, parades & games. Think Santa Claus parades or Mardi Gras celebrations !

Cults vied for the attention of the Ephesians.

Into this superficial existence came the Gospel of Jesus. It promised to those oppressed by materialism & powerless religious ritual the hope of an inheritance in the life hereafter & a relationship with the Living God in the here & now.

Real relationship with Jesus met their deepest human needs- the need for dignity, purpose, belonging  & love.

The promise was that  they could experience Grace & Peace in the 9 to 5 of life.

How About You?

Maybe you are in a place of isolation coming from illness or aging or family circumstances.  Are you a young mother feeling imprisoned by the demands of children? Are you in a season of transition?

We live in fearful times. The threat of war is very real again.

Our faith is under attack.


Prayer is  sometimes challenging or disappointing.

Will you join me for a not just a head change but a transformation of our hearts as we discover how to  experience Grace & Peace  in the 9-5 of life?

Hoping to see you again soon.

Virtually yours



Ephesians A to Z


Back to the Future


A  for Adoption


B for Blameless


C  for Chosen 


D  for Dead


E for Ephesus


F for First Love


G for Grace


H for House Arrest 


I for Inheritance


J for Joined Together


K for Know 


L for Light


M for Motivation 


N for New


O for Opportunity


P for Peace


Q for Questions


R for Roots


S for Stand


T for Trust


U for Uncaged


V for Virtual


W for Welcome


X for eXample


Y for You


Z for Zoe