Write 31 Days- WHY?

Why is writing my passion? Why do I write, talk, live and breathe Relationship With God?

Why is this my only story? Because it is God’s only story.

The only question He asks is: ’Where are you?’

It’s all about God being with His children, his people, walking and talking with them. It’s about:

• being near not far off

• about the joy of family

• a father and his kids

We give him joy by just coming to be with him without any agenda.

Jesus invites us to come like a little child and sit on his lap.

Like an earthly father, God loves to see the world through our eyes.

Linda, I’m delighted when you watch the squirrels outside your window and see the joy and freedom to just be who they are. I love watching and reading over your shoulder as you write. You give me joy.

Why Do I Write?

Because I want to inspire joy in you, my beloved readers.

I want you to know that God not only loves you but he likes you and wants to spend time with you.

May you experience joy today as you look at your world with Jesus beside you. May you see the smile on your Father’s face.

May you know that he not only loves you but he likes you. He is waiting to spend time with you.

Virtually yours


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